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About us

CryptoBoxers is proud to present The First round of NFT Apparel. The creator of CryptoBoxers has brought to you a one of kind inspiration that will make a splash in the fashion world. Be one with a champion boxer and show your power by adorning yourself in their essence. Utilizing innovative technologies to send images of the boxers into what we call the Matrixx, this then turns their image into your favorite outfit. All the boxer’s apparel is linked to them and will be intertwined into all future endeavors! We don’t just pay the athlete one time; they are our partners, and we will help support them! Each boxer has their own amazing story, whether it is an upcoming fight, or a career of 40 Knockouts.

Why Choose us

Our clothing will be released in rounds, as the ready to wear is released we will follow up with the Art NFT and the coded for use in the highly anticipated CryptoBoxers video game NFT. The production of your unique artwork will be individually created with quality in mind. The striking artistic differences are as evident as the fighting styles of the Professional boxers who we have the great honor to partner with. We know that charity and family come first for all the superstars we have partnered with. That is why we are linking several charities to each of the boxer’s garments, so in turn the boxer that sells the most will win the prize for a cause close to their hearts. Till next round faithful partners with athletes everywhere, remember you can #supportathletes too.